Replacing cast iron guttering to plastic effect guttering

Replace existing cast iron guttering with plastic cast iron effect guttering, remove existing sheet roof and car port above garage and replace with new roof and replace garage roof.

After removing the roof tiles to give us full access to remove the existing fascia and soffit, we were able to remove a birds nest, and also reveal the poor condition of the existing roof felt. Once the existing roofline materials were removed and the new fascias and soffits were installed, we were able to replace the rotten felt with new rigid felt trays and eaves comb fillers to prohibit future entry of birds and other large insects below the eaves of the roof tiles, followed by new guttering. This property also had a wasps nest behind the existing fascia at the front of the house, which was removed also.

On this commecial property, we simply removed and replaced the existing cast iron gutter system with new PVCu Deepflow gutter to accommodate large roof areas. The existing gutering looked old and worn after being neglected of paint, and was poorly aligned also, causing rainwater to leak down the building, causing further problems.